Troubleshoot Apache mod_rewrite rules with RewriteLog logging

18 August, 2014   |   Apache

Detailed tutorial on how to enable Apache mod_rewrite logging with RewriteLog for debug and troubleshooting. By enabling this directive we can see how rewrite engine process rewrite rules and modify URLs.

Convert string to Title Case with JavaScript using RegEx

18 August, 2014   |   JavaScript

JavaScript code snippet to convert any text string into Title Case (Proper Case) capitalization using regular expression.

Overcoming multiple overlapped markers in Google Maps using GMAP3 and OverlappingMarkerSpiderfier

1 August, 2014   |   JavaScript

Solution for GMAP3 Google Map API plugin where there are more than one marker on the same location.

Using Gmail SMTP to send emails with WordPress wp_mail function

1 August, 2014   |   PHP, WordPress

Simple and easy solution for sending email using Gmail SMTP in WordPress or other web application.

Prevent Image Hotlink and Leeching using PHP and Apache

1 August, 2014   |   Apache, PHP

Detailed tutorial on how to prevent hotlinking of your images by watermarking it, stop hotlink from other websites, and permanently stop bandwidth theft.